Starting at €36 a day the Econmist is a basic campervan but provides all the necessary equipment like gasstove, surfboard storage, wetsuit box and clothhanger, camping table and chairs, pillows and clean sheets. The only thing you need is a sleepingbag but we can supply you that too. We offer a Citroen Jumpy and the almost classic VW Transporter IV under that Category. 


The ECONOMIST is equiped with:

  • Portable Gasstove/Kitchengear
  • Pots, Pans, Plates and Cuttleries...
  • 2 Campingchairs, 1 Campingtable
  • Sheets&Pillows with covers (no Blankets incl.)
  • Wetsuitbox/Bag
  • Navigation APP- Meo Drive


The Spaceship is the biggest of our fleet and provides a home for easily 4 people. It is equipped with all the kitchen facilities, a pump camping shower. Camping chairs fold easiely beside the surfboard storage. We use Peugeot BOXERS and Citroen Jumpers 2010 for that Catagory.


The Spaceship is equiped with:

  • Campingshower
  • Portable Gasstove/Kitchengear
  • Pots/Pans, Plates and Cuttleries....
  • 4 Campingchairs, 1 Campingtable
  • Sheets, Pillows and
  • 2xBlankets with cleand covers
  • Wetsuitbox/Bag, Cooler
  • Navigation APP-Meo Drive

We provide our own vehicles and also work as intermediary to forward and support private local suppliers in our carsharing initiative, to make use of existing resources rather than creating demand for new ones.