Starting at €36 a day the Econmist is a basic campervan but provides all the necessary equipment like gasstove, surfboard storage, wetsuit box and clothhanger, camping table and chairs, pillows and clean sheets. The only thing you need is a sleepingbag but we can supply you that too. We offer a Citroen Jumpy and the almost classic VW Transporter IV under that Category. 


The ECONOMIST is equiped with:

  • Portable Gasstove/Kitchengear
  • Pots, Pans, Plates and Cuttleries...
  • 2 Campingchairs, 1 Campingtable
  • Sheets&Pillows with covers (no Blankets incl.)
  • Wetsuitbox/Bag
  • Navigation APP- Meo Drive


The Spaceship is the biggest of our fleet and provides a home for easily 4 people. It is equipped with all the kitchen facilities, a pump camping shower. Camping chairs fold easiely beside the surfboard storage. We use Peugeot BOXERS and Citroen Jumpers 2010 for that Catagory.


The Spaceship is equiped with:

  • Campingshower
  • Portable Gasstove/Kitchengear
  • Pots/Pans, Plates and Cuttleries....
  • 4 Campingchairs, 1 Campingtable
  • Sheets, Pillows and
  • 2xBlankets with cleand covers
  • Wetsuitbox/Bag, Cooler
  • Navigation APP-Meo Drive