Traveling in times of Covid-19

The whole world is currently suffering from a coronavirus epidemic. Portugal is also affected by this pandemic, but the expansion of the virus has been very moderate compared to other European countries. Nevertheless, we are taking additional steps to ensure you enjoy a safe and wonderful holiday with us!

Bookings and cancellation policy

You can still book with us for any time period, even if you are not sure yet to be able to go for the trip due to ongoing developments. Our cancellation policy still applies and in case your trip needs to be cancelled due to Covid-19, you can reschedule it to a later date. All payments made will be credited to 100%. This allows you to catch up on your holiday at a later date without the risk of being left behind at your expense.

Prevention of virus transmission

Before you receive the van from us, it will be carefully cleaned and disinfected so that no viruses can be transmitted. Our employees are trained and will wear masks and keep a safety distance during the handover.

Please note that in Portugal, masks are mandatory in supermarkets and all public institutions from May 3rd on. Therefore, please bring masks from home to comply with the regulations in this country. We will always be up-to-date with the latest WHO developments and regulations and will comply with them to protect the health of the population.

We will continue to be there for you and give you a wonderful trip through Portugal. We have set ourselves the goal to offer you an uncomplicated and relaxed holiday. This applies also in this time therefore we will do everything to respond to the needs of our customers!


Book now and come whenever it is possible for you. Send us your request and stay safe!